Bugs in Cyberpunk 2077


List of bugs I’ve encountered while playing Cyberpunk 2077.
Save started on v1.5, started this list after v1.6 release and continued later. Few of them were already patched in updates after v1.6, I will try to mark which ones.

PC setup on which this game is played (might be unnecessary thing to post, however many people argue that it’s all because of bad specs).
CPU i7 12700KF
GPU RTX 3080 12GB
SSD Patriot 2TB M.2 PCIe NVMe VPN100

List is not finished. About 30% of experienced issues are described here, the rest will be edited shortly. Also, from time to time I force myself to go into the game again and try to finish it, which generates more issues..

Random bugs (gameplay, graphics, UI)

  • Hack UI does not appear sometimes.
  • Loot from body UI does not appear sometimes.
  • V often gets stuck in piles of trash near NCPD Scanner Hustles Locations, which may often lead to death.
  • Turned off cameras with hack can be turned off again manually which gives possibility to farm extra experience.
  • E.g. if we pick up quest item near NCPD Scanner and it triggers mission to end, turned off cameras became turned on, however you can’t interact with them (as with turned off) and they only look around as usual.
  • Weapons from killed enemies often falls into textures and it’s not possible to pick them up or V has to look around the weapon model to find the prop to pick up.
  • Constant problem of brightness level with raytracing turned on (in vehicles, during walking, going in or out below roofing).
  • Vehicle ghosting, depends on a texture behind, applies to the shadow and lights.
  • When entering Heywood from Westbrook, there is a parking near road where pedestrians walk between sidewalk and parked cars, instead of using sidewalk.
  • AI still can’t pass by vehicles left by V in most situations.
  • If AI vehicles can’t drive due to some obstacles, they will despawn when player turns around. If player will look at the same place again, vehicles will spawn in front of player.
  • In many areas vehicles do not respect traffic lights, they can drive on red and stay on green, especially if player observes intersection from a distance.
  • If player stays too long near the intersection inside car, AI vehicles can start to ignore the lights. However if player gets out of the car, other vehicles can entirely stop driving.
  • Walking or driving near traffic lights triggers them to turn green always for player (ignoring the currect state of lights). From time to time they can even stop working entirely at any state, blocking vehicles from moving.
  • Walking at the border of distance when green light is forced for player, can encourage AI vehicles to start respecting the lights or to ignore red light again.
  • Damaged road barriers can block pedestrians from continuing their path. They do not pass it, they turn around and go back, often taking that barrier with them (clipping with boots for example).
  • After switching radio station without turning on menu for radio, if we open that menu there is a chance that it will display random radio stations instead of the current one playing.
  • Lot of idle cars parked in parking spaces got their lights turned on (Japantown in Westbrook, Rancho Coronado in Santo Domingo).
  • When V gets out of vehicle, it can still steer it even if character is not touching the wheel and is past the door.
  • If there vehicle stolen by V with passenger is stopped, passenger will get out through doors and if we start to drive again during that, we will clip the passenger model. It results with panic from other drivers around (they start to flee by crashing into other cars or objects, until they get unconscious).
  • Tight cordon mentioned during Concrete Cage Trap gig for Regina means that Militech patrolling the whole are around ignores us even if we pass by them just next to them.
  • If V call vehicle on a desert, it will levitate until V gets close to it.
  • If V call vehicle on a desert near road, there is a chance that vehicle will spawn on road, drive away from us and start coming back in straight line ignoring concrete barricades, levitating etc.
  • V can fall from height with fall damage sound but without taking any damage.
  • In a pink Villefort radio does not work sometimes.
  • If V kills an enemy far away with a hack, that enemy will hang in air, may jump and fall (also happens on short distance).
  • If V is too far from enemies and uses Ping hack on them, player will not see the effect of it and enemies will be described as Citizens of NC, sometimes it can show their class or name, random.
  • Vehicles at the of map tends to stop, even if they still have roads in front of them.

Balance issues

  • In districts further from the beginning one, problem with a specific type of enemy (copy paste crossbowman from Witcher 3?), dealing up to 50% of damage with single shoot from about 100 metres.

User experience issues

  • “Power” weapons shoot through walls and objects, however there is no information about that.
  • No clear instructions which walls and objects are possible to shoot through (confusing feel of randomness).
  • You can’t skip some radio communicates, even if they are repeating quite often. Changing radio stations does not help, sometimes causes communicate to be muted but there is still not music until communicate finishes.
  • There are still communicates that we are entering the new territory, even if we have visited it a lot before. Not sure if bug or intended.

Design complaints

  • Quite low amount of parking spaces for such big city with a lot of car traffic.
  • Nobody uses motorcycles in traffic.
  • Popping out of running vehicle without any physics related to it.
  • When taking over a vehicle, V does not touch the door handle, there is no info that we hack those doors. They just open.
  • Text shards instead of audio logs in a Cyberpunk world full of braindances.

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  • 28/06/2023