New DayZ map – Masuria



I’ve decided to create a new custom map for DayZ. I’m not experienced in that field, still learning, however I hope that I’ll be able to finish that project and publish it for everyone to use.

Map will be based on the real terrain taken from Polish region called Masuria, hence the name (might change). It will feature one huge lake in the southern part of the map which is actually the biggest lake in Poland and few smaller water bodies and ponds, mainly in the western part of the map. There will be a variety of forests, plains, meadows and swamps. I don’t plan any mountains and snow. Probably the map will contain both, Chernarus and Livonia assets to make it more interesting, but I want to avoid importing custom 3rd party assets.

There will be 3 main towns, few smaller towns and plenty of villages. Main change in comparison to the real terrain, would be an addition of many different military facilities in eastern and southern parts of the map and other points of interests like factories, sawmills, radio stations etc. I also plan to add few static and more dynamic contaminated zones. Apart from buildings and roads, there will be a one main railway track, going through the whole map.

Here is the basic sketch of the map. Main towns are written in yellow, smaller towns are in white text and villages also in white but with much smaller font. Military facilities are in red, static contamination zones are greenish bubbles and dynamic are cyan. Main roads are yellow, smaller asphalt roads are white and dirt roads are brown. However I plan to change it a lot and add more dirt roads instead of the asphalt ones that you can see on an image.

I don’t have planned the plot/story for this map yet, but I would like to keep it in the current timeframe and link it somehow to Livonia.

Picture below heads east, in front of the Tuchlin village.

That’s all for today, thanks!

  • 02/09/2023